Integrated Policy

Integrated Policy is the primary way of expressing our intentional guidelines regarding quality and environment of our organization.


This policy is widely opened and distributed to all employees, including new hires, to ensure their understanding, implementation and maintenance.


The following is the Integrated Policy Polimetri formally defined and documented.


The Polimetri Metal Industry Ltd., manufacturer of stampings, tubular, welded and painted structural components, side protection bars, pedal brake and clutch systems for the automotive industry, has the policy:


"The activity of continuous improvement applied to manufacturing processes, products and services, as well as the continuous

ISO TS 16.949

ISO 14.001

 improvement of the Integrated Management System, to meet the satisfaction, needs, expectations of our customers, respecting the environment by reducing the environmental impacts of our activities and the prevention of pollution, particularly soil and water by harmful waste to the environment.


Regulatory and statutory requirements, laws and environmental standards will be met through the efficacy of our products, processes and services and should be consistent with the Objectives and Environmental Quality.


The competence of our employees will be enhanced continuously seeking their professional development and their fitness for purpose of our organization.

To learn more about our environmental policy and procedures, send an email to We will be at your disposal for any clarification.

Clients Certificates

The Polimetri, throughout its history, has acquired quality certifications for its clients taking into growing and updated the quality of their services mode.




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